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Professional growth unites teams and promotes the productivity of the company.

We train our client´s teams in the development of communication skills and interpersonal relations, as key elements to achieve the business objectives, so we offer:

  • Spokespersons Skills: internal and external: We help develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills required for meetings with the media, public or private presentations, relationships with different audiences and any area for institutional interaction.
  • Internal communications network: We create internal networks that enhance the capacity of action of communication areas, through the identification and training of people from all departments that can help identify opportunities for connecting with employees, nurture the message of internal media and bring the company closer to its people.
  • Effective presentations: We train teams to make excellent presentations, with attractive support materials and messages that connect with a powerful delivery. 
  • Leadership: Leadership is the backbone of the organization, it includes the responsibility to lead people, connect with their realities and achieve the maximum potential of each person. That is why we work on the development of soft skills associated with communication, feedback, planning, active listening, handling complex situations, negotiation and teamwork. 
  • Negotiation: We train the negotiating teams to develop arguments and strengthen their ability to influence, to defend and convince about the company's position on complex or conflictive situations 
  • Community Manager: We train our clients' teams to manage social networks, enhancing the level of active listening, attention to the different audiences, management of key messages and protocols that strengthen the company's positioning and guarantee its coherence and consistency in its online communication. 
  • Clients services: We work with teams to develop the skills needed to be the face of the company, teaching them to manage expectations, have empathic communication, handle complex situations and depersonalize issues. 
  • Internal influencers: In alignment with the HR team, we work on the identification of natural leaders who, with their ability to influence, are allies for the management of the company, and we work to develop in those leaders, online and offline, communication and interaction skills in favor of business objectives. 
  • Effective Feedback: We design and implement theoretical-practical sessions where teams delve into the variables that impact feedback, to develop listening skills and assertive communication, so that the interactions between supervisor and supervised conclude with a positive mood and a clear path on the opportunities for individual and / or group improvement