Stakeholder Engagement

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We are in the age of distrust and with an overload of information that requires companies to manage their reputation to enable their businesses. Managing stakeholders and engagement requires time and structure.

  • Based on our clients' business objectives and knowledge of the environment, we work on their risk agenda and build the stakeholder map that allows them to have a comprehensive strategy to strengthen their reputation.
  • We define the desired positioning and design the communication and engagement plan that allows our clients to achieve trustworthy connection with their key audiences, making them relevant and respected by their stakeholders, and thus contributing to the sustainability of their businesses.
  • Based on ethics and transparency, we develop the narrative and storytelling that brings together the stakeholder engagement plan of our clients to give strength and credibility to their actions as a base for solid relationships.
  • We develop strategies to achieve and maintain the required social license to operate, seeking the endorsement of society for their businesses.
  • We promote communication with all the stakeholders that make up the "non-market", such as: communities, unions, authorities, regulators, NGOs and universities.
  • As part of the strategic engagement plan, we support our clients to develop follow-up tools that allow them to have a database of their key audiences and, through an action plan, build relationships based on reliability, respect and common interests and vision.

We accompany our clients in the construction of trustworthy relationships with stakeholders based on reliability, respect and common vision needed for the achievement of the social license to operate. To do this, we develop specific action plans, narrative that connects with stakeholders and metrics that allow constant monitoring and evaluation of the results.