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The business reputation depends on each member of the organization. Our vision is to see every employee as a spokesperson and a key actor for the company. Their productivity and attitude towards the company will depend on the feeling of pride and sense of belonging that they experience in their daily work.

To ensure that each member of the organization is at their most productive and is an ally to replicate company messages, we:

  • Help our clients raise the level of active listening in their organizations, to connect with their employees and contribute to a better working environment.
  • Develop communication strategies and HR management, focusing on employee well-being, as a platform to improve productivity.
  • Design internal communication systems capable of connecting with people, including face-to-face communication, digital communication, printed pieces and group meetings, among others.
  • Develop a simple and adaptable narrative.
  • Design inclusive activities that generate a sense of belonging.
  • Define and feed communication channels with internal audiences based on their reality, interests and incentives to achieve connection and trust.
  • Design internal communication plans that consider both employees and their families, to achieve the closest proximity and support.
  • We manage organizational restructuring processes, where minimizing uncertainty, promoting participation, including natural leaders and measuring results are the pillars of success
  • Design and participate in communication committees, which guarantee the availability of relevant information, the opportunity to disseminate content, the inclusion of employees as spokespersons and measure results
  • We support the development of plans to improve the work climate, as well as the strategies required for the management of labor and union relations.

Alongside our clients, we support the management of their teams, with an integral approach, through the design and implementation of a communication plan that connects employees with the company. We work on topics such as: cultural modeling, continuous improvement, change management, restructuring, mergers, downsizing, layoffs, among others.