Toughtful leadership, teamwork and collaboration are key to wining
It is now clear that last century dynamics such as formal authority, vertical accountability and directed leadership and rigid and pyramidal organization structure are morphing into organic organizations.
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A Fragmented Future – Why 2021 will be a year in transition?
2021 will be a year in transition. It will most probably be an extension of year 2020, with pressing issues brought by the pandemic that humanity needs to continue to address for many months to come
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Thoughtful Leadership… an expanding journey
A thoughtful leader is a person—he or she—known and respected for his/her quality of being authentic, ethical, courageous, inclusive, and capable of thinking carefully about other people’s needs and about how to do things effectively.
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We are a management consulting firm specialized in the design of communication and
relationship strategies. We support our clients with multisectoral knowledge, commitment
and the effectiveness and flexibility that characterize us. We guarantee results by defining
actions structured according to objectives and measuring the impact of each effort to help
you be successful and sustainable.

Directive team

Juan Carlos Roldán Torriente - Komunika LATAM

Juan Carlos Roldán Torriente


“Communication is the habitat where we all act and develop ourselves, so reputation is becoming more important every day. We are experts in reputation management of companies and institutions before their audiences of interest.”

Paulina Rodríguez Werner - Komunika LATAM

Paulina Rodríguez Werner


“Companies with a purpose that includes their social and environmental significance, have
much of the path to success. Listening carefully, acting with transparency, and communicating with assertiveness and empathy are key in building trust with your
audiences of interest.”

Our services

Our experience

We have experience in different sectors: having worked in the private sphere with family businesses, SMEs and multinationals; in the public sphere with state companies at the national and regional level in different areas; and in the third sector with NGOs, associations, unions and international organizations.