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Companies, regardless of their size, are exposed to risks and 80% of these risks are foreseeable. Preparing to manage them is a responsibility, and every day there is more awareness in the matter.

In crisis situations, the public observes and judges how the company and its members react, to decide whether to support or attack the brand. A company´s behavior during a crisis must be coherent and consistent with its values and its positioning. Therefore, we work with our clients in the various stages of the process:

  • We offer an integral and global vision for risk mapping and guidelines to mitigate them. By, understanding the context, a multisectoral experience and considering the objectives of our clients, we can define successful and opportune strategies.
  • We seek to strengthen business reputation by supporting the definition of protocols that guarantee a quick, effective and assertive response of the company in a crisis.
  • We develop and execute communication plans for different stakeholders, after analyzing the environment and aligned with the business plan.
  • We train the teams responsible for dealing with contingency and / or crisis situations so that they can act in an articulated, efficient and timely manner, to safeguard the reputation of the company and ensure business continuity.
  • We promote a risk management culture, so that all employees understand that their actions should be coherent with the company’s values even in complex situations.
  • We support the definition of scenarios that can affect business continuity and develop the needed action plans.
  • We accompany our clients in different negotiation processes with their target audiences.
  • We manage crisis situations with a long-term vision, ethics and transparency, combining our experience and capacity of execution with that of our clients.

We offer large, medium and small companies, public institutions, NGOs and professional associations, an integral service that ranges from crisis preparation, management and handling at the moment of occurrence. That is why we work as a team to identify risks, design mitigation plans, define protocols, build a narrative and train the crisis teams.